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Jump Jam

Below you will see details of the timeline for our competition on Sunday 23 June. You will see that our Year 4-6 team and the Year 7-8 team are in the section which needs to be at Ohoka by 10 to 4. This is the time that the teams will need to be going in to the Green Room. These two teams are in competition between 4.30pm and 6.20pm followed by the prize giving. Click on the Running Order link to see which teams are competing - notice that our two are against each other!

Venue:  Ohoka Community Hall

Address:  Jackson Road, RD 2, Kaiapoi

Strictly, Year 1 - 4 Times

3.00pm – 4.20pm (doors open 2.40pm) includes awards for this category

Coaches and Teams to be in green room by 2.25pm please

Strictly, Year 4 - 8 Times

4.30pm – 6.20pm (doors open from 4.10pm) includes awards for this category

Coaches and Teams to be in green room by 3.50pm please

All Star, Year 4-8 Times

With the above category

Coaches and Teams to be in the green room by 4.20pm please or earlier if you wish to support the other category

Running Order Link

North Christchurch Running Order 2019 click this link

Doors Will Be Closed During Every Performance

Door will only Open between songs


Ticket Link: Via Try Booking

Conditions of Entry

  1. No Photography or Videoing while music is playing, or teams are performing

  2. Please remain seated during each performance

  3. No push chairs inside the Auditorium, due to fire safety