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Cross Country 2019

Congratulations to the following students going on to represent Ashley School at the 

Rakahuri Cross Country - Tuesday 28 May at Rangiora Showgrounds.  

Year 5 - Joel Pulley, Izaac O'Connor, Sam Howarth

Year 6 - Jorja-Rose Keast, Holly Lyon, Maggie Starkey,

              Matthew Isherwood, Joe Cameron, Hunter Kerr

Year 7 - Lachlan Rowe,

              Ciara O'Connor, Olivia Williams

Year 8 - Olivia Tallentire, Ella Isherwood

Tri Schools Cross Country Loburn Domain - Tuesday 21 May 12.30PM - 2.30PM, pp Thursday 23 May

Timetable:  Yr 4 1.5km 12.30pm 12.40pm Yr 5 2km 12.50pm 8.45 mins 1.00pm 9.50 mins Yr 6 2km 1.10pm 8.30 mins 1.20pm 9.35 mins Yr 7 3km 1.30pm 13.10 mins 1.40pm 14.35 mins Yr 8 3km 1.50pm 12.35 mins 2.00pm 14.30 mins

Congratulations to these students who have made it into the tri schools cross country team for Tuesday 21 May 2019.

Early lunch at 11.20am, so we can leave school by 10 to 12. The first event begins at 12.30pm at Loburn Domain. 

Year 8:  Ella Isherwood, Amber Kruger, Olivia Tallentire

             Couper Wiki, George Marshall Lee, Shamus Mulqueen, Connor Page

Year 7:  Olivia Williams, Ciara O'Connor, Emily West, Lachlan Rowe, James Howarth

Year 6: Holly Lyon, Maggie Starkey, Jorja-Rose Parker, Ryia Youngman, Clover Lee 

            Matthew Isherwood, Hunter Kerr, Joe Cameron, Mitchell Wiki

Year 5: Saoirse McAllister

            Joel Pulley; Izaac O'Connor; Sam Howarth

Year 4: Trixie Lee, Rachael Owen, Maybelle Bullmore, Poppy Morkane, Lily Mackle

             Peyton Lyon; Ollie Ditmer-Stewart; Shae McFarlane; Liam Jones; Beau Herud

Ashley School Cross Country Friday 17 May 2019 


Year 1 girls:  Skylar, Olivia, Ella

Year 1 boys:  Jakob, Pete, Jon

Year 2 girls:  Maddy, Evangeline, Layla

Year 2 boys:  Tyson, Milan, Finn

Year 3 girls:  Millie, Juniper, Aurelia

Year 3 boys:  Jack, Macklin, Eil

Year 4 girls:  Trixie, Rachael, Maybelle

Year 4 boys:  Peyton, Ollie, Shae

Year 5 girls:  Saoirse, Alyssa, Caitlyn

Year 5 boys:  Joe, Izaac, Seth

Year 6 girls:  Holly, Maggie, Jorja-Rose

Year 6 boys: Matthew, Hunter, Joe

Year 7 girls:  Olivia Williams, Ciara, Emily

Year 7 boys:  Lachlan Rowe, James Howarth, Deacon Jarman

Year 8 girls:  Ella Isherwood, Amber Kruger

Year 8 boys: Couper, George, Shamus

North Canterbury Primary Schools Cross Country Championships.  Around 450 competitors from Pegasus and Rakahuri School Zones compete across nine races in this event held each June.  The 1, 2 and 3km courses at Loburn Domain feature a hill climb and a bush track section to challenge all runners.  Top place getters in each age group in each Zone qualify for the Canterbury Primary School Cross Country Championships and from there to the South Island Champs.


Central Cross Country Wednesday 19 June at 10am at Halswell Quarry.