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Debate/Speech/Poetry 2019

Ashley School Poetry Slam 2019

This year we begin a new revolution with our school poetry competition - moving with the times! We will be having a Poetry Slam on Wednesday 12 June in the school hall, following a runoff in each of the class areas during the previous week. Three students from each class level will be asked to present their poems in the final slam.

A Poetry Slam is a competition in which poets perform spoken word poetry. Poetry slams began in Chicago in 1984 as a way for audiences to become more involved and poets to display high levels of passion and engagement for their poems and the subject matter. For many, it is an opportunity to raise issues that are foremost in their minds. Here is a great New Zealand example of a young man presenting his slam:

Orators may read or recite their poems, but the emphasis should be on the connection which that person has for their poem, and we should see and hear this through their entire performance.

The performances at a poetry slam are judged by the audience, who will have the judging criteria outlined and available to them. Sections of the audience work together to give a score between 1 and 10 for each poem, with allowance to have half numbers such as 7.5 as scores as well.


Our hall will be divided into 10 roughly equal sections of the audience, each of which has one scorecard, and all people must work quickly to allocate a score - no more than a minute will be allowed. The score is held up for counting with the highest and lowest scores being dropped so that each performer receives a score out of 80. 

Scores can be seen on the whiteboard as the competition progresses. The winning score in each year level will receive the medal for 2019. 

Ashley School Take the Floor

The annual Quad Schools Take The Floor! speech competition took place in the final week of Term 3 at Sefton School. The Quad Schools group comprises Sefton, Loburn, North Loburn and Ashley Schools, each of which is able to enter two students at each class level from Years 4-8.


The standard of oral presentations right across the board at all levels was simply stunning, with extremely well-written speeches, which were presented confidently. The topic 'It's Up To You', allowed for a very wide range of ideas and passions which students chose to highlight. These ranged from overcoming personal fears, sore horses, and darts, to some of the more usual subjects such as racism, gender equity, the perils of plastic, and considering the future.


Ashley School has a very proud tradition in oral language presentations, and all of our competitors were just wonderful. Here are the year level results from our school.


Year 4 - Bre Coster - Paying it forward, 3rd place.

Liam Jones - Darts, 4th place.

Year 5 - Sophia McAllister - Extinction, 2nd place.

Arabella Williams - Battery hens.

Year 6 - Maisie McConnon - Food Waste, 1st place.

- Jorja-Rose Keast - Racism and Colourism, 2nd place.

Year 7 - Ciara O'Connor - Child Poverty, 1st place.

- Maisy Eder - Dreams of the Future.

Year 8 - Ella Isherwood - Empowering Women, 3rd place.

- Olivia Tallentire - Bullying, 4th place.


Congratulations to all of our representatives, we are so very proud of you.