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Ashley School is an Enviroschool

As an Enviroschool we here at Ashley School try to make our Carbon Footprint as small as possible. We are a Gladwrap free school and ask that Gladwrap not be used in packaging lunches as it is a very environmentally unfriendly product. We encourage wrap free lunches and lunchboxes that have small compartments in which food and snacks can be placed unwrapped. Please help us to help our environment!

Check out the enviro groups blog:  http://ashleyschoolenvironews.blogspot.co.nz/ 

Zero Waste at Ashley School

There are many enviro schools in New Zealand which have a Zero Waste policy and they have managed to eliminate all of these things from lunch boxes.

We know that we can do better by using lunch boxes with compartments, using reusable snap lock bags or containers, and especially, by not buying the products which are in these packets.


Zero Waste News

As an Enviro School, Ashley School is dedicated to sustainability for the future citizens of New Zealand - our children, so we want to look after our environment by not littering.   A good way to do this is to have Zero Waste lunches.  Some ways this can happen is to buy a large bag of potato chips and separate them into snap lock bags or containers. 

Do you know that you actually get far more chips this way than in the more expensive mini packs?


During a clean-up along a road in England, these crisp packets were found that were 33 years old, which meant they had been thrown out of car windows some 1,716 weeks ago. These take hundreds of years to biodegrade.


We have been seeing a lot of Muesli bar wrappers and yoghurt pottles. Instead of buying separate more expensive yoghurt pottles, you could make your own yoghurt or buy a large pack, and when you want it in your lunch put some into a container. 


Compartment lunch boxes are useful so food does not touch another item. Children can have any food but make sure you have NO wrappers that cannot be reused or decomposed, as many of these take up to hundreds of years to decomplse.  Snap lock bags are a good option as they are reusable, and in fact you can wash them and use them the next day.  Containers are also a very good option as they are good for many purposes.