Friday Night Basketball

Term 3/4 Basketball Teams

Ashley Bullets Year 7 & 8

Blake, Matthew, Hugo, Gregory, Riley, Hunter, Holly, Angus, and Izaac

Alert Level 2 Guidelines – All Competitions, All Venues.


People per Team: 3 adults per team to cover coaching and Scorebench duties.


These adults will need to be signed in.  QR Codes: QR codes are available at each venue. We highly encourage participants to scan the QR code on their NZ COVID Tracer App.

Contact Tracing: We will have a register which all teams and their parties are to fill in - details below

Entry/Exit: Teams will enter through the main entrance of the venue. Entry points will be unlocked once the participants of the previous round have all exited the venue.

Teams will be directed to the exit door at their respective venues by the floor controller.

NOTE: To ensure all the protocols are able to be completed, game durations are going to be two 16 minute halves. With floor controllers, referees, referee trainers inside the facilities.


keeping to 3 adults per team is vital for NCBA to be able to offer community basketball under Alert Level 2.

We will have to consider cancelling if teams cannot keep to 3 adults per team.


Teams should organise their coach & Scorebench prior to the game ideally so each team knows who their 3 adults are.

Game Duration:  Games will be two 16 minute halves - 2-minute halftime.

10 minutes to get the teams that have played out and the new teams in.

3 December 2021