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Welcome to Korimako










Kia ora whānau!

Welcome to Korimako.

We are a collaborative team of New Entrant - Year 2 students.

Our team is made up of 3 teachers - Kerri Taylor, Amanda Papps & Rochelle Standen.

Kerri is in the classroom Monday-Thursday and every second Friday,as is Amanda  and Rochelle is in on Friday. We also have a few fabulous teacher aides. Janine, who works with us during our literacy time  with individuals and groups. Sarah and Beverley are looking after one of our special needs students.


What are we all about?


When working in a collaborative environment, all teachers involved must combine their teaching philosophies, values and beliefs.  As a team, we value the importance of relationships. We get to know our students and their family in order to cater for their academic and social needs. Therefore we encourage parents and the wider community to engage in our programme and come and work/play alongside the tamariki!

We believe in the power of learning through play and offer a highly engaging and stimulating play-based learning programme throughout much of the day, with times for individual, group and whole team  target teaching. 



How do we communicate?


To keep our whānau up to date with their child’s learning, as well as the important happenings at Ashley School, we use Seesaw.

Seesaw is a private online learning journal for each individual student.

Alongside this, we also have a public Seesaw blog, which contains content involving the whole Korimako team.

You can check this out here…!/