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Dear All,


Monday 17 February saw our Sports leaders head to Mainpower for Training to be Physical Activity Leaders. These students were taught how to lead and run activities the playground at lunchtimes for their peers.

It was a great day and the students really got stuck in.


This week sees our first Mana Ake drop in.

Mana Ake is a Wellbeing service for primary school aged students and their whanau/caregivers and school staff.  Leah Woods will be at Ashley School from 2:30 – 3:30pm on Wednesday 26th and during this time parents / whanau and staff can book in to see her for a brief chat regarding their tamariki.(students)


This maybe for(BUT not limited to) a listening ear, advice, connecting to other supportive groups, and providing helpful information.  This can be around topics such as anxiety and managing worries, helping with emotional regulation skills, navigating friendships and so on. 

If you would like to attend the drop in, please contact the office to make a time.


We had a good turnout for the PTA  AGM. It was fantastic to see new faces and I know that this group will work hard to benefit your children. It is a volunteer position and we need more than the core committee to work together to support our tamariki.(students)

The office holders of the new committee are on the website. These are the people you need to see if you have a fundraising idea or wish to help any of the events going forward.


Next month we are planning to take the whole school to Maungatere / Mt Grey for a day trip. It will include the seniors and the juniors. We are yet to come up with the final details around the plan for the day but the reason is to familiarise our students with the schools mountain. Maungatere played a significant part for local Maori. It is how they connected themselves to the land. For us at Ashley School, Maungatere is in our emblem along with the Rakahuri (Ashley) River and it is central to our values and beliefs.

In the next few weeks we will be sending out a plan for our days adventure and we look forward to your support on the day.


Starting Thursday 5 March is a course “Building Awesome Whanau”

It will be held at Te Matauru Primary.


In six sessions, over six weeks, this course is packed full of ideas, positive stories from parents still on the journey with their own tamariki and useful resources to help you build a great future for your whānau. The activities in this course cover tamariki aged 0–12 years. You are the most important person to your tamariki. Your facilitators will draw on the wealth of wisdom and experiences present in the group, and weave that together with all that is Building Awesome Whānau, so that you are supported and encouraged as you awhi (nurture) and build YOUR awesome whānau.


Topics covered 

 ▪ Session 1 – Laying the foundations – building your family on aroha 

  • Session 2 – Parents are the roof! - protecting your whānau 

  • Session 3 – The walls of the whare – boundaries to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out 

  • Session 4 – Keeping it sweet – atmosphere is everything!

  • Session 5 – Cool korero! - communication 

  • Session 6 – Outside the whare – living in the big wide world 

                 The course will end on Thursday 9 April 2020.

Cost & Bookings FREE This course is free of charge. 

The cost is usually $75 per person or $110 per couple.

 However, this course is fully funded by Mana Ake – stronger for Tomorrow The facilitators are all Mana Ake Kaimahi, trained and supported by The Parenting Place, the designers of the course:ānau/ 

For more information or to book your space, please email Julie at or phone/text 027 275 3922 Please book by 9am Monday 2 March 2020. 

In early term 4 2019 I applied to the Board of Trustees for refreshment leave. I decided that I need some time to step back and assess where I am at in education.I am going to be taking all of term 2 off. While I am away the ship will be steered by Mrs Horne.

At the moment we are looking for a teacher to work in her space while she is out of the classroom.

I know that some of you will have questions so please feel free to contact me and we can have a chat about what’s ahead.


Have a great week.