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Principal's Report

Dear All

Athletics this week were cancelled.


It would be great to be able to have a postponement day. We don’t though and that is because the 3 schools share the venue so Thursday, if ground conditions are good underfoot, Loburn School will be undertaking their Athletics event.North Loburn cancelled on Tuesday and if they had looked to postpone it to the next day well there would have been a serious knock on effect for the other schools.

 With the Tri schools events taking place next week it is very difficult to cram every school in when the weather turns to mud! We will be reviewing our athletes with trials, as such, here at school once the ground conditions improve. ( it is very wet on our field at the moment) Other than trials we can go over the practices and look for the consistent best performers.

We understand the disappointment that the students and families have as it is an exciting day and event and as teachers we love the day out too! I hope that has provided some explanation to why events have unfolded like this.


This week we have had the Education Review office audit our school looking author we perform  in the areas of









Powerful connections




The team arrived on Monday to a wonderful Mihi Whakatau that was a welcome to our new pupils as well. They have spent 4 days here at Ashley and will now go away and write a comprehensive report about what we do and what we need to work on.

It was a very positive experience and I look forward to sharing the highlights with you in the future.


I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope that the weather starts to improve.