Welcome to Team Rakau in 2021

Rakau” means tree, wood or stick, as well as ‘forest’ so it ties the names of our senior school learning spaces, Totara, Ti Kouka and Kowhai, together to make a forest.  Our other two syndicate names also relate to Rakau, and these are Korimako (the Maori word for bellbird), and Harakeke (which means flax).   

These names together create a big picture: Rakau is a tree that nurtures the Korimako and the Harakeke which grows around the big tree. 


Rakau is a collaborative learning environment that comprises all of the Year 5,6,7 & 8 students.   The teaching team include Rochelle Standen, Chris Meehan, John Lynskey, as well as Tracey Page and Jean Foster and Jan Dwight who support our children as teacher aides.  


We all love learning for life and are keen to be ‘better than before’ every day, in everything that we do at school. This is vital to who we are, to how we relate to others and interact with people, to how we learn to show care, compassion and empathy to others each and every day. 

We  are very conscious of the REACH values







 and our school vision of nurturing a  

A Strong Sense of Belonging in a Dynamic Community


Children will be working across the year levels with a variety of teachers and aides according to their specific needs. This will be particularly true in numeracy and literacy where we utilise the skills and experience of all staff to give students the best learning for their stage.


We embrace digital learning and all children have their own Google accounts through which to access a lot of tools to support their learning. 


Communication is highly important and  if you need to contact us then please email us on: 


For All Teachers -   rakau@ashley.school.nz 

Rochelle Standen - r.standen@ashley.school.nz

Chris Meehan - c.meehan@ashley.school.nz

John Lynskey - j.lynskey@ashley.school.nz

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