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Welcome to Team Rakau in 2019

Kia ora and welcome to the senior area of the school!


In our collaborative and shared space, we have 75 Year 5-8 students, four teachers; Chris Meehan, Juanita O'Loughlin, Suzy Parker, Pip Tipping and Ruth Hodgkinson, as well as two Teacher Aides; Angela McDowell and Vickie Bond.

We all love learning for life, and are keen to be ‘better than before’ every day, in everything that we do at school. This is vital to who we are, to how we relate to others and interact with people, to how we learn to show care, compassion and empathy to others each and every day.


And of course we are always conscious of the key statement which Ashley School is guided by:


A Strong Sense of Belonging in a Dynamic Community.

This year our schoolwide focus is on Relationships, which fits perfectly with the name of our group and area, and the various components of Rakau. This is because “Rakau” means tree, wood or stick, as well as ‘forest’ so it ties the names of our senior school learning spaces, Totara, Ti Kouka and Kowhai, together to make a forest.


Our other two syndicate names also relate to Rakau, and these are Korimako (the Maori word for bellbird), and Harakeke (which means flax).

These names together create a big picture: Rakau is a tree that nurtures the Korimako and the Harakeke which grows around the big tree. It is exciting to watch the progress of the mural depicting all of these things, being made in the school playground, so we have a visual image to relate to the names of our learning areas.


Check out Seesaw and our Rakau blog to see examples of childrens’ learning, photos and videos. Please take the time to respond to items, by giving feedback from your perspective, about what your child, or groups of children have been involved with. This is a vital part of learning for our tamariki, as they practise how to respond to praise and feedback from a range of people. We will also have a blog running through the year as a space for staff and students to communicate globally. It will be up and running by the end of February. Get your rellies overseas to log on to the address below and leave a comment for our children. It is so exciting to see how many people from other parts of the world we can connect with.


We all look forward to a fun and exciting year of learning in 2019!

Rakau Blog: