Swimming 2022

Swimming: Year 5 - 8 only

The Ashley Rakahuri School swimming sports are to be held on Tuesday 15th February at Dudley Pool, beginning at 12.30 pm.


  • Non championship (widths) Small pool

    • Freestyle

    • Backstroke

    • Kickboard

  • Non championship (25 metres)  ( One Length of the Big Pool)

    • Freestyle

    • Backstroke

    • Breaststroke

  • Championship (50 metres) ( Two  Lengths of the Big pool)

    • Freestyle

    • Backstroke

    • Breaststroke

    • Butterfly

We will travel to the swimming pool on the bus, leaving school at 12pm, and return to school on the bus at the completion of the swimming sports.

Ashley Rakahuri  School Swimming Sports

Dudley Park Pool - Tuesday 15th February 2022

12.30pm - 2.30pm


  1. The swimming sports will be for the senior school in Rakau Yrs 5-8.

  2. Buses leave school at 12 noon. 10.00 o’clock morning tea. 11.30 am Lunch.

  3. On arrival at the pool, all students will change into swimming gear, bring bags out with towels and be seated along bleachers.

  4. All events are finals - Students will be chosen for later swimming meets If they meet timing requirements and they are being held. 

  5. Dudley Park will provide lifesavers.

  6. If there is some time left over at the end (15 minutes or more) there will be free swimming time. 

Conditions of entry

  1. All children entered in championship events must be comfortable in the bigger pool and be able to swim two lengths comfortably, under race conditions.  

  2. All backstroke events will start in the water.  

  3. Starting procedure; ( in line with Canterbury swimming sports):

  • At the start of the race, the referee will blow the whistle and at that point, swimmers need to either position themselves on top of the starting blocks or stand on the edge of the pool ready to start the race. 

  • The starter will then say “take your marks”.  After the starter says “Take Your Marks” get into your start position, then there is to be no movement on the blocks or the side of the pool.

  • a bang, from the clappers, will sound to start the race. 

  1. False starts will be signaled by two quick whistle blasts. Please note after this event there is the one start rule i.e. even one false start means you are disqualified.

  2. At the finish, competitors are to touch the side of the pool, preferably above the water surface.  

  3. Breaststroke competitors MUST touch with both hands simultaneously.  All competitors are to stay in the pool until after the next event has started. 

  4. After the event swimmers remain in the pool until the next race has started, upon which they exit under the lanes and out the closest side of the pool. If placed they walk to the judge's table, give the results recorder their rod and their name and go back to their seats. If not placed they walk straight back to their seats.

  5. Pupils must sit in the marshall areas during events until they have completed all of their events whereupon they may get dressed. There are no parent spectators.

  6. Each competitor must know their events, and participants' names should not be being changed or added during the event. What is written on the official sheets printed on the morning of the sports, is what will happen.