Future Focused Learning And Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

At Ashley Rakahuri School we are confident that we are using the best of traditional teaching and mixing it with the latest research and practice about the diverse ways children learn, using a range of technologies available to us.




1) Workforce-ready students.


2) Collaboration is easier.


3) Learning beyond the classroom walls - anytime, anywhere!


4) Personalized instruction. 


5) Teaching and learning is more individual and interactive.

6) Increased Engagement.

































While Ashley Rakahuri School has some Chromebooks and MacBooks available, it is more beneficial for students in the senior school,

to have their own device so:

They have increased access to the computer both at school as well as at home. 

It makes their computer personal to them, so accessing sites and work is easier. 

Instead of books staying in children’s desks, parents can see what students are doing at school via the computer. 

The transition between home and school would be seamless. Work can continue wherever internet access is available. 

Being responsible online users is a vital lesson to learn. 

Learning to be responsible for the equipment is also an important lesson for children to learn. 


Both Ashley and the high school have found Chromebooks to be reliable devices, and recommend these over other devices because they have many positive features which meet general student needs.

Chromebooks are substantially cheaper than most laptops, starting at around $280-$350, making them a realistic acquisition. 

cloud-based, constructed to run exclusively by browser, with no installations on the computer. 

lightweight, portable, boot up in seconds, and batteries last approximately 11 hours. 

able to automatically update in the background and are always current, so can still be used until the end of high school with no problem. 

a way to enhance student communication and collaboration opportunities. 

able to be used by different students as there is no limit on the number of users that can be included on GAFE, and since the Apps are attached to user profiles.   Easily shared with other students, friends, or family since they have built-in security.

If your child is moving into the senior school next year, we would like you to seriously consider purchasing a Chromebook for them if you are able, as the advantages are obvious. This could be a good time to coordinate with grandparents or other relatives, for buying a combined gift for Christmas for your child. Alternatively, some children enjoy the opportunity to save up some of their own funds, (pocket money, birthday money etc), to contribute to buying their own device.

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